Saturday, February 06, 2010

Classy Saturday Night

Hello fellow blog ladies :) (I can be sexist and not address any men, because I happen to know that mostly women follow my daily ramblings :) ) I hope you are all spending your Saturday night doing more exciting things than I am. My original plan had me super excited to get out of the house, celebrating a friend's much that I spent all week thinking about what I could wear :P..however..this lovely evening was trumped by my date with the toilet bowl followed by lots of teeth brushing and crackers last night.
I still had to get myself out of bed early this morning to spend it working..however I got the chance to leave early so I could come home to my ever comfy pj's, my warm bed, and the second season of The Big Bang Theory awaiting me in my DVD player. I guess..all in all it really isn't that bad of a saturday night. And my super cozy huge sweater is ten times more comfortable than either my slinky skinny jeans & boots or high waisted skirt and tank combos I had played with for tonight :)

I even felt so stylish in my sweater and pink plaid pj pants that I felt balsy enough to slip on my sweater uggs and make a trip to the store for some Fresca and Wasa flatbread, which is totally hitting the spot at the moment. Nutella + Wasa flatbread = tummy feeling much better :P

And of course..working at a fun retail store always makes for great retail therapy :) I think this will be my Valentine's Day outfit. Normally I'm not big on the .. Hallmark Holiday .. :) But since Nick and I are living an hr away from each other and we never really did anything for our 4 year we're kind of going all out :) And I'm so excited about my fun t-shirt..I just had to share it with you guys :)

The only thing that makes this skirt even that it has pockets :D

This has to be the cutest Vday vintage T :)

Happy Saturday everyone! And have fun watching the SuperBowl while I work all day!


  1. CUTE skirt!!! :) And congrats on your "unofficial decision"!!! That's fantastic

  2. Forever 21! (I'm a manger there) :) It's so hard coming home with an actual pay check!