Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can we please...

...take a moment and all agree that I have a dangerous obsession with crazy, big, yet I'm so in love with them sunglasses??

Today at work we were scheduled to have a I showed up two hours early to prepare - however - the visit had just ended! So even though I was pretty disappointed to have missed out..I was glad, because now I could run out quickly to grab a bite for breakfast I had hastily skipped since I was busy trying on ten different outfits for the day and clock in an hour later. I go to grab some Starbucks and semi healthy breakfast (whom I kidding?? It turned into me speeding down Huron trying to get to McDonalds before they stopped serving breakfast :D ) as I'm walking past the big store windows of the book store next to ours. Without sounding super shallow, conceded,..whatever..I caugh my reflection and I just happened to realize how much I love my new over sized three colored shades from F21 :)

LOVE them :))

As you can history of obessive eye wear... :)

My $1 oversized dude glasses from AE - last summer

One of my FAVORITES! My hunter green and gold "upside down" shades I got for $3 from Angels :P

Did I mention I was a bargain shopper?? :)


  1. Oh my gosh. You are ridiculous! And I love it. But seriously, did I mention you're ridiculous? haha. Gotta love bargain shopping, though!

  2. those glasses are so massive but so great! i love big ones or any with an odd shape

  3. ok, i am so in love with your top pic up there with your new hair and new glasses! you are so chic! i love it! can you be my stylist? pretty please?