Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lazy Day

So my plan for this morning was to get my butt out of bed bright and early and head to the gym for a nice butt kicking work out. Umm..yea. Then I woke up..hadn't slept that great..and then I pull myself up to look over my headboard and out the window..and see the cold, snowy weather that's having a party out there. Honestly..who wants to get out of bed when the weather is that uninviting? Especially to get out of bed to go get sweaty and sore?

Alright..I know that working out is great for you and I really really want to get back into a regular routine (my wedding dress is strapless after all) at the gym..but my room is a mess, I now have the day off, and have got to spend the entire morning getting ready for my lunch with the girls and taking Britt shopping :D'll take the whole morning. Plus I've already had a huge cup of coffee and let's face it..that addicting beverage is not gonna do anything beneficial for my tummy while I'm working away on the treadmill. :-) TMI..yea whatever.

So what I'm making one excuse after the other :) Just you wait until I blog about the fun adventures I will encounter'd have chosen a morning with Regis & Kelly, fuzzy robe, hot cup of coffee, snow flurries outside, and the enjoyable company of you reading my blog as well :)

By the way..keep a look out for some updates on my photography blog coming up in the next few days. I've got a couple exciting appointments lined up over the weekend! Haven't gotten to shoot anyone since Krystal's grad pics and I'm excited to get back behind the lens again :) Anyone need any portraits??

Happy Thursday

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