Saturday, April 09, 2011

spring cleaning brings closet cleaning!

Today I spent the afternoon cleaning my out reorganizing and beautifying my closet and this was the end result. 
Are you kidding? I drooled on myself the first time I saw this picture via. This is every little bit of a 
d.r.e.a.m. closet. But for some reason, having a lot of clothes in my closet, knowing there are items I'm not wearing and just having them in my closet drives me crazy, because sometimes I'll get desperate, pull out that one sweater I know I'll hate as soon as I put it on, I curse myself because once it's on it looks just as terrible as the last time I tried it and I still don't know why I keep putting it back on the closet shelf. 

However, even though I'm sad to say that beautiful closet is not mine, I'm very pleased with my afternoon spent closet cleaning. It was very cleansing. Very positive. (I know. This sounds pathetic. But hey, I told you this was meonajourney. You don't have to keep reading ;)) I myself of sweaters, dresses, tights, skirts, blazers, jackets, even jewelry (!!) that I constantly keep around to remind myself of how little I wear them. I don't know why, but I cannot hold on to things. It's like I'm the opposite of a hoarder. 
I don't wanna keep anything around I don't like anymore, or more specifically, that I know I won't wear. To get even more pathetic, I think my clothes, more so than anything, are my favorite way to express myself. Which would explain why I'm going through such a weird time. :)
As good as it felt to separate items into "goodwill" "buffaloexch" "handmedown" I'm even more excited to spend a couple more months working out, hopefully shaping up a little bit and maybe even *fingerscrossed* my stomach will be more healthy, saving money and then planning a big summer shopping spree. In the mean time I plan to make a list and create sort of a checklist for "the perfect closet". I can't wait to start my new
*grown up* wardrobe. 

But of course, because I firmly believe you should never take yourself too seriously and because I just can't part from these items :) -at least not yet- here are the pieces that tugged on my clotheslovingheartstrings too much:

the carrie bradshaw inspired pale pink tulle skirt I wore to my bachelorette party

my -other- perfectly pearl colored knee length tutu skirt. tutu's man. they get me.

the bunny sweater. how adorable would this be cutepregnant with leggins and flats?! I'm telling you. I don't think I could ever part from it :) (alright, damnit. I just made a baby reference. I meant what I said yesterday :P)

(remember the specialty Target line from last year that mimicked Alice in Wonderland? This is from that line. I loved it so when it came out but it was spendier than I could afford at the time. Then, more than four months later I think, I found this dress (which had been my favorite one) for less than $10 on the sale rack. I was in love all over again. Plus, I wore it to our rehearsal dinner, so I really couldn't part. 

xo . jess


  1. I love your wardrobe! You are always so pretty and it reflects your personality! Tutus are totally awesome! I'm a big fan too.
    I pray all gets better with your stomach too! I'm sorry!

  2. there is something about tulle that i absolutely love. that pink skirt totally reminds me of carrie bradshaw. keep it forever.

  3. OK...I'm not sure but i swear i saw you downtown. not kidding. I'm not sure if you work at the place I saw you at, but I think I'm right...just wanted to tell you (I should have said hi, but I wasnlt sure...)
    love the bliggity blog :)