Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy birthday, mr. ray.

I was hoping to post about N's birthday from yesterday, this morning before I had to jet off to work..but, unfortunately we ended up laughing too long and having too much fun with everyone that I didn't get shut eye until after 2am. Then having to get up and work a 9.5hr day running basically, the entire time (ohretail!), nooo buenoo. no. 

Mr.ray turned 24 yesterday and he's having a hard time with it I think. I don't think it's really about turning that age but where we're at right now with financial things, work/school things, and living things. But I know it's weeks' time before we have our own place (livingdowntown!!! :D) and things can only go better from here. 
I don't dare jinx myself more than that so moving on....
I think meeting a few of our dorky yet good friends for some drinks at the end of his bday really cheered him up. It was great to see everyone. We're getting better about getting together more frequently and it's amazing how much seeing your friends regularly and laughing till a little bit of pee comes out, can brighten your day to day mood and emotions. 

I'm really kind of loving my evocamera. 

the birthday boy.

the adorable newbies :)

coors light & fries. can never deny them as midnight snack. 

possible captions for this photo:
1. This photo made me realize that my friends are huggers. 
2. The graphicTtubbies
3. Ryan's freakishly long arm. 

we're a smiley bunch. 

didn't realize it had gone black and white. 

my two favorite boybuddies. 

my friends hannah. ryan. and dane my cousininlaw :)

according to my friends,
love is in the air

Now..since you are most likely going to read this on Sunday sometime and I'm going to kill two birds with one stone right now and wish you a happy easter right now. We have a busy day tomorrow and I'm still awake, again (!) at 2.05am - I seriously suck at this going to bed stuff - so blogging wishing you a happy bunny day would just definitely not happen. So, it's happening now. 

We are heading to N's uncle's house for Easter, after brunch at my mother's and in the afternoon we might head over to his dad's house :) so like every holiday, family family family time :) I do love it. I always have my camera, because I used to always love looking at old picture's family pictures before I was born, at family get togethers sitting around and talking, how young everyone I somehow love having pictures like that of my family. (sidenote.) I really am sad to think that people hardly every have physical pictures anymore or photo albums. It's so much funner to look at them in person. 

Here's wishing you a beautiful Sunday, time with friends and family, candy and food, and of course a requirement for any family gathering, something to 'cheers with! Prost! Frohe Ostern!!

xo . jess

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