Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oh italiaaa familiaa.

be aware that this post may be a bit picture heavy, but yesterday was such a perfect sunny day with the family you're going to have to share my favorites pictures of dinner at grandmasonja'shouse :)
Nothing short of laughs (we will always be considered the kids table), amazing food, bibs, and sunshinee. ♥ absolutely lovely.

 off to grandma's 

homemade ravioli = pink or red bibs. serious 

the cutest and coolest little sister

oh sweet julie :) do you need some help?

cousins with Aunty Lorii!!!! We miss you :)

then we got serenaded by this girl. watch out Miley

her biggest fan ♥ 

how julie tells you she loves you :)

taylor laut-..I mean cousin max & sweet Giovanna. Go ahead. Leave a comment and I'll email you his age.  Take a guess. 

my sweet in laws :)

the coolest Aunty. No really, I don't think she has a real name :) She's just "aunty!!" :)

N holding 2nd cousin baby Jack! 

the cutest chunkster. 

no. they don't look alike at all. 

It was amazing to sit around and laugh and dick around with your cousins, sneak pizailles off the desert table..while still eating dinner, after feast coma, lounge around the deck in the sunshine drinking all the wine. We're lucky that we get to see my mamacita and brother daily, but seeing family for a perfect day after not having done so in awhile is pretty amazing :) If we could do this every Sunday..we'd always look like this: 

> happy. as. clams<

and last but not least. check, OUT ..grandpa's fire hydrant. Go ahead. Inspect it good. 

Viva Italiaaa
I freaggin love my italiaaafamiliaa :))

xo . jess

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