Monday, April 25, 2011

happity hop.

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday or just a lovely Sunday if bunnies and eggs aren't really your thing - whatever floats your boat - I however, had a very stuffing, satisfying, and honestly tiring day. But leave it up to my husband to round out the day with a relaxing movie night. I was very camera happy throughout the day, which we spent getting up early enough for me to run out my soreness in my legs (lately in the mornings when I'm trying to wake up and just dozing in bed my legs feel so sore and stiff?!). After brunch at my mom's with the best quiche everrr we hopped in the Jeep and stuffed our tummys with more delicious Italiano cooking, easter egg hunting, and not to forget a very competitive round of boccie ball! 

My little manbrother.

These kids. 

I love kids in their easter dress! 

playing Hoppa Hoppa Reiter.

B opening her easter basket. 

Ty trying some new things with her hair. 


kleines schwesterherz

us German girls. 

happy bunny day. 

attempting some family pictures

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! 

xo . jess

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