Monday, October 25, 2010


...because honeymoon sounds dirty. 

Here I am Skyping with my friend Johannes that came to visit me all the way from Germany for my wedding and I'm telling him that I'm in the process of uploading my honeymoon pictures to Facebook. He quickly expressed that he was very concerned about the pictures I was posting, because he says in Germany "honeymoon sounds like SO sexual for Germans". 

Apparently, they have adapted the term "honeymoon disease" as to correctly diagnose a bladder infection and that is all they think of when people, like me, talk about their honeymoon. :) Dirty Germans. Those silly kids. 

Either way, it got me thinking that, maybe it wouldn't hurt to reposition myself on my bed a bit so I could actually type, and get to posting about the month of October and it's events that occurred. That then brings the I go in order..bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon? Or give you whatever I feel like. 

Well..since I'm already over dealing with the 786 pictures of our honeymoon from putting them on Facebook..let's go with 
bachelorette party :D 

my beautiful maid.of.honor

my beautiful brideshelpmewitheverythingmaid 

all my beautiful girls

pretty miss.
the sexy ladies

very sexy miss.

hanging out with her water. so close yet still no shot. 
my mom and older sister I never had.

my bffe. 

the smile twins. 

give it to me baby.

my soulmate. 

the party crew. 

getting kissed by Australians. 

a classic*chic bacheloretty party night. 

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