Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 101 Award

littmrssunshine?? An award!! Why you shouldn't haveeee. 

Alright let's back up a bit. I had a really poopy day. Spent it driving home from work fighting back the tears again and I'm sick of it. I can't figure out if my lady days and all this frustration is running together and that's why my emotions are a bit out of whack, or if it's because I got married, moved away from my home, my family, started a new job (that I'm turning out to really dislike), and still haven't found a place to live out here. 

I have a strong feeling it's option A. Option B just seems to easy. 

But seriously. The heck is my deal? I'm a big girl now. A married woman and I'm still crying for my mommy?? (yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss *sniff*) I do miss you mamacitaa! But I've got to snap out of it. One of my sister's best friends posted on her Facebook status the other day "I don't think I can have bad days" and if you knew her, reading that would warm your heart as much as it did mine and you would have felt the little "slaponthehandquityobitchin'" too. 

I know things will look up. And every morning I mentor myself that attitude is half the battle. So I sit there shivering in my car for the first 20 minutes, hands at 10 and 2, in silence because Michigan radio sucks balls and they have absolutely no good morning stations, telling myself "you have to be positive Jess" "look at it this way" "you're better than that" "it will work out" "make the best of it" All that! And I still come home crying. 

But I'm not giving up. I'm a Gemini and littlemsbitchy has had too much spotlight. Time for littmrsSUNSHINE to get back out here and join the party!!!! this really only makes sense if you know that Gemini's supposedly have 2 different "sides" or "faces" to them ;-) I'm glad I filled you in too. *thumbsup* 

SO. I think I should get an award for that lovely little the sun shines out of my ass speech..but apparently, the charming mrs mandee at [the bear naked truth] thinks otherwise! 

lovely mandee awarded me this happy101award !
i found this adorable lady through comment stalking other people on a blog we both follow. 

Of course, there's no award without a little rules. Otherwise it just ain't no fun!

Rules for happy101award
√ post who gave you this award. 
√ state ten things you like.
√ give this award to 10 other bloggers
and notify them with a comment.

10 things I'm really lovin':
  1. being a mrs.
  2. laughing and playing "what movie's he from???" with billy again.
  3. my self-cut-while-camping-on-my-honeymoon, bangs.
  4. feeling alive.
  5. when Oliver brings me as many toys as he can fit in his mouth when I come home.
  6. being part of my crazy amazing (extended) family.
  7. that it's that patterned-fishnets-tights time of year.
  8. that it's boots with everything season.
  9. that you still haven't called and I feel no indifference. 
  10. that this Theraflu Cold&Cough Tea tastes so amazing, there's no way I'll get even a sniffly nose this cold season!!

littmrssunshine awards you:

Have a fabulous Friday winners. While you award your own 10 bloggers, I'm gonna go hang out at Lauren's for Fill in the Blanks! woop woop 
Carpe Diem! sorry :P I couldn't resist.


  1. Thanks, lady friend! You're too sweet

  2. Thanks, love!! I finally posted my Happy 101 award. :-)