Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fill in the Blank

...late Sunday night... ... ...

I know. I'm a bad person. Turning in my blanks so late. But I've worked almost 26 hours in the last two days and those little blanks just zoomed right by me. So here I am, Sunday night, this week without them blues, because I have tomorrow off work, get to sleep in and have a deliciously long list of errands to run and a beautiful to*do list to go along with it.

on a side note... I can't believe it's been barely over a week that I've been in Michigan and I've caught myself so many times already thinking these thoughts that could produce serious blog posts. It takes me about 25-30 minutes to get to work, and that leaves a lot of thinking time to a girl like me. On tomorrow's to*do is to sit down and blog, so maybe you'll get some insight to my jibber jabber.

i emotionally disoriented.

i wish...we could start making babies tonight O:)

i like...not being cold in my sleep anymore.

i can...go on without you.

i are happy.

i think...we will still laugh like two 17 year olds at the age of 79.

i was...imagining your smile today. 


  1. i despise being cold in my sleep too!


  2. "i think...we will still laugh like two 17 year olds at the age of 79."

    That is so sweet!