Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mid Week Round Up


and happy gloomy Thursday to you if you live in Northern Colorado. We are promised some rays this afternoon, but for now, I have my patio door only cracked and am taking care of my chores in my boyfriend jeans and long sleeved sweater. It's chilli outside! So Oli and I decided to postpone our walk til Nick gets home and we can hopefully get some sunshine time :)
I hope you're having a good week - no matter where ya are. As productive as I might have sounded I'm having a rough day and am trying my darnedest to hang in there. The gloomy weather is a comfort when you're in a mood where your only interest is bitching and throwing yourself a pity party. But only the flip side, the weekend is fast approaching! And tomorrow I'll be busy planning and packing for our overnight camping trip at Red Feather's - woop woop! Just Nicholas, Oli and I heading out for our first trip of the season for a quick one-nighter in the mountains :) So there's plenty to be happy for.

I can happily say that I tried another one of my hobbies and passions on for size this week, besides blogging here again, ... my photography! This past weekend I took a few maternity and family photos for my sister and her husband.

They turned out great and it felt amazing to be behind a lens again. Check out some of my favorites here.

On Wednesday I got to hang out with these cutie patooties over coffee and muffins and enjoy some front porch play time.


And took advantage of the gloomy weather breaks by digging up a nail art trick from Pinterest I've been wanting to try.

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Not half bad. Lately I am very much into straight lines, edges, chevron, simplicity. I've been wearing my gold diamond shaped earrings with just about everything. And apparently I was in a "red" mood this week, because I wore them Tuesday with my diamond patterned red blouse + white shorts. Next time I'll provide a better image, tut mir leid.

Wish you all a happy Thursday afternoon.

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  1. Enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures!!!