Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grab Your Waders, Girls...

...we're going fishing!

Okay not again...don't worry no more pictures of gross wide open mouthed fish. I shoulda warned ya. My bad.

Usually, when I tell people that I like to fish they give me either a snorted laugh, a raised eyebrow, or the stink eye "You like to fish?" ... Well yeah! Among a list of many other outdoor activities - camping, hiking, biking, climbing, .. in short, I have no problem leaving my make up bag at home for an extended period of time and not giving two shits about my wardrobe.

However, I am learning to collect a wardrobe for myself that works with my casual outdoor needs but let's me add a little flare to my ragidy fishing shorts. It helps that I have a weakness for accessories such as hats, and can add to my look without worrying about make-up and jewelry. Nevertheless, I can't really go anywhere without a watch on so I will always pick a simple add on. A little good sunscreen and 2nd-day hair  for my hat and we are ready to cast! (p.s. sleeveless blouses are also very nice for avoiding tan lines)

hat + watch: Target, sleeveless blouse: Forever21, shorts: LOFT - thrifted , shoes: Rue21

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  1. Lovely casual outfit! Crushing on your hat, too <3

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