Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't Wear White After Memorial Day

It's Tuuesday and a for a lot of you probably your workweek's Monday. I hope you all got to enjoy the long weekend - I feel like my news feed was nothing but pictures of bbq's, pool time, and mini vacations to warm places. And it's awesome! :) How can you not love summer time? 

Although I was ready to park myself at the pool with my dear neighbor friend Kayla for the afternoon, the weather only gave us about two hours before big dark clouds rolled in over Fort Collins and just hung out there making it windy for the rest of the afternoon. It was a bummer - but took the opportunity to put some more miles on the treadmill. I've hit my next level of endurance, strength, and flexibility and I love seeing the progress even if it's still only slight. 
I've finally gotten over the "I don't wanna work out" lazy-wall and am craving my running shoes every day, sometimes twice a day. I haven't yet figured out if it's the release it gives me to clear my anxieties and worries or if I've reached a point where I'm so ready to get fit there's no turning back, but I'm not going to really ask why and keep running. Because it feels amazing. 

My dear Nicholas is off today and we are heading out shortly to, what else, go fishing before the afternoon storms roll in. Later this afternoon we'll be visited by my brother Tyler who'll be staying with us for a couple days. School's out for summerrr! Now that should mean this will be the last time I'll post an outfit including my boyfriend jeans and lazy oversize sweater for a few months...right Colorado? 


knit sweater: Target, boyfriend jeans: Banana Republic, sneakers: Converse, shades: Target 

Happy Tuesday y'all.

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