Wednesday, June 27, 2012

in the kitchen.

Today I discovered that it only takes 4 easy steps to make one delicious summer treat and so 
I made...

1. My choice of fruit: 1 large banana; 1/2 cup of blueberries; 1 cup of strawberries
2. Add 1 cup of ice before adding 1 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream
3. Add fruit and lastly 1/2 cup skim milk
4. Turn it into pink bubbly yumminess. 

It was a very low key day for N and I - and HALLELUJAH we even had rain almost all afternoon. Our summer schedule has been pretty non stop with camping trips, school, work, and the occasional day of cleaning, laundry, errands... that we gave ourselves a well deserved day off from all of it.
Because however, we were in desperate need for groceries, I slipped into my go to outfit for this summer of maxi skirt, tank + sandals and headed to sunflower market to stock our fridge with fresh goodies! (Hence my smoothie inspiration for today) I have to admit to you guys that if I ran into myself in public today, I probably would've wanted to smack myself..but it was a day of "I don't care" - today while making my grocery trip I wore my ear buds and jammed to my own tunes the entire time! Usually I can't stand when people do something like that, shop with their headphones, but I was in a mood and I ain't gonna lie the seclusion felt aaawesome! Sometimes, ye just don't wanna talk to anyone. And today was that day. I do have to make a point to ad that I only took my public rudeness so far - I removed them completely before heading to the register. Talking on your phone or having headphones in at a register  - absolutely not cool.

Tomorrow I say Hola Monday! as my work week begins and the daily life goes on. In the meantime we are checking the news every couple hours for fire updates and praying the weather reports forecast more rain! Colorado is one big fiery mess and it's very sad to watch thousands of people lose their homes and beautiful countryside burn to ash. Counting our blessings,


xo . jess

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  1. we need more rain. glad that you are safe. i think i am going to make a smoothie today!