Monday, June 18, 2012

a sunny day in the Fort.

Some time last week, on a day that seems like weeks ago, I stole an hour of soaking up some vitamin D when I biked to campus with N and lounged outside the microbiology building in the semi-shade..and it was wonderful. Despite the warnings of our bad quality due to the High Park Fire that's been burning for 10 days now, the winds had shifted north over night and we got a small break from the smoke and haze. 

I love how relaxed campus is in the summertime. And not being a student makes enjoying CSU's beautiful campus surprisingly easier :] 

Campus lounging is definitely something I will be making a weekly habit of since N will be in summer school for the remainder of the summer. He is doing so great, this semester will fly by and we'll be celebrating his graduation in no time! I think I came up with the perfect idea for his well deserved grad party. I know it's 6 months away..but planning is one of my favorite things to waste my time with :)

After lunch we biked cross campus and to our new favorite place :] ! sooo good! Apparently this place is pretty sweet at night, so it's been added to our summer honey-do date list. 

Then my sweet sweet vintage roadster was in serious need of a tune up. Biking to work on a regular basis is my biggest goal for the summer and there was no more way around it. It needed some tlc, so we dropped it off next door at Road.34 Bar/Bike Shop. 

Excuse the un-pedicured toes :[

Turned out the tune up was going to take at least 24 hours, so we were left to hike it home. N was sweet and walked the 40 minute hike with me even though he still had his bike. 

They had their garage closed, but when they keep it open, they run a little shop out of it selling/making their art...or random crap :P never have actually stopped by! Maybe next time :)

Tomorrow I will finish off this pretty tiring 6 day work week with a closing shift, of course. I look forward to getting a short break Wednesday so N and I can get ready for our camping trip coming up this weekend! We are heading out with some friends we haven't seen in quite a few months (how the heck is it mid June??!)  and I am soooo excited :) 

I guess that means I should get my butt in gear and share with you my favorite shots from that birthday camping trip I'm pretty sure happened earlier this month....which seems like yesterday but last month at the same time. 

Hope you all had great weekends and wish you a good week!

xo . jess

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  1. Love the shot of your pink bike handlebars and 'unpedicured' toes (still cute!) (o;
    You are inspiring me to take more pics of 'daily life.' And maybe...just maybe...start a little, um, blog of my very own.......maybe.....