Thursday, June 21, 2012

proud mommy.

I know I'm only saying this because Oli is my dog, but he is quite possibly the cutest dog in the world. I had to save these shots of him from my birthday weekend for their own post, because they are just so darn cute. If you know Oli, he is obsessed with light spots, like ones you would make with a lazer point pen, but he is so obsessed with it, he'll notice them in everything. 

Don't even try and pick up your phone without him suddenly appearing and sitting right in front of you, or you'll notice him out of the corner of your eye, over in the corner staring intently at the wall where you created a light spot with your phone :) it's pathetic. 

So while I was sitting on the shore taking pictures of the boys fishing, I suddenly realized this guy was watching the ground next to me where I was 'shining a light'. Luckily for me it made him stay perfectly still for me to get some shots of him. 

I freaking love him :]


Have a great Thursday!


xo . jess

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  1. Too much cuteness! I just want to ruffle his ears! (o;