Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What comes after June?

The month that makes you forget what day of the week it is, because the days are long, hot, and juicy with summer. I am having a hard time making myself believe that August is only days away. Especially after having said hello to this evening, with a delicious pot of Jambalaya rice cooked with Italian sausage fresh from Sunflower market, a perfect after-dinner walk in the 70 degree weather (thank you rain gods!) watching the sun go down, gushing about how much we just freaking love this city and absolutely everything about it. This has been one of the greatest summers I have had in a long time. And it was spent doing nothing much else but enjoying Fort Collins with bike rides, patio lunches, concerts, camping, fishing, and the occasional afternoon by the pool. I guess I shouldn't jump the gun just yet - August is just as much of a summer month as July, but it brings back to school and better yet - back to school festivals in this beautiful city. Such as New West Fest and Tour de Fat which I am soo looking forward to. Nevertheless, all of a sudden it will be September and as much as I will be sad to see this summer go, it is always followed by my favorite season :) So I can never stay sad for long. 

And since it is almost a month to the day since my last post, I am more mad with myself for the fact that while I neglected my blog for a good 4 weeks I was quite the busy bee with things to share that I was just to lazy or unmotivated to post. While July was busy flying by I was cooking new things, experimenting with delicious summer salads (oh yes - the kitchen is quickly becoming my new favorite place), wearing my still growing hippie locks in either a braid or el natural (not doing anything with your hair can be quite the penny saver - who knew!?), reading (!!) rocking out at the Foster the People concert (greatest night of the summer!!) and keeping it consistent with the camping. But I could shut up about it and just show you. Here's my July round up people. Next time I take half the summer off from blogging I'll leave an "out of the office" love note. Happy Hump day! 

xo . jess


  1. you are two are cute- and i love the glasses! i want those. happy you're back with a post!

    i haven't spent much time in F.collins. you make it sound so great. i need to check it out. :)

    happy summer to you.

  2. Beautiful post! Beautiful pics! (o;

  3. that last pic of you is so adorable! You are the best self-portrait photographer I have ever seen haha :)