Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my 25th.

Day One. 

A couple weeks ago we celebrated my 25th birthday with the second annual birthday camping trip. Last year we camped the Red Feather area with my mom, brother, N, and Vincent. This year we got to go with Vincent and sweet grandma Jan. Even Oli came along :) it was quite the weekend. 

Oli might be one of the greatest camping dogs around. He loves to be outside. Never barks at anything and loves to sit and look cute. Like this. 

The first day we were all feeling pretty positive about a small hike around Lake Parvin to a secluded spot where we could kill the afternoon and enjoy the sun fishing. I should forewarn you that you're about to see a whole other side of me a few pictures from now. I am starting to let N make a real mountain girl out of me and it just so happens that I have found a love for fishing. Such an old man sport :] I know. But I really love. Plus I kick butt at it :) ..keep reading..

The stylish Longos - N and his grandmother.  

Home Sweet Campground

Gettin' sexy time. The boys strapping on their waiters.

aaaaaaaahhhh..hello mother nature.

Day Two. 

Weather is just part of camping the Red Feather area. We've had some of the greatest and worst weather over the years we've been coming here. One year we got completely rained out while we were tent camping with friends. This year we'd have beautiful, hot, clearbluesky sunrises and sunshine from 7 - 10:30. Then the wind would kick up a bit and give us a cloud show into the afternoon until the thunderstorms or rain would kick in. Day two, however beautiful the pictures were that I got, was a real pain in the ass for the Longo boys and I. We are half guilty because we did doodle the morning around a bit too long and were then super ready and pumped to hike + fish to Bellaire ... but as we are trekking down the over a mile to this lake we  have this eery feeling about the clouds cruising along above us. 

We decide to ignore and continue hiking and begin fishing the second we get there. Meanwhile it has begun thundering and those still friendly looking clouds you see on the left are now grouping together like little buddies. I'm getting a little nervous as to why I'm still holding a skinny long pole in my hands, that I'm throwing through the air and then bobbing in water while it is still .. thundering. So the executive decision was made and we booked it out of there. No 15 seconds after I snapped the picture on the right we were greeted with hail as we were chucking our gear in the back of the truck and high tailing it out of there. 

It was a day of defeat and the final score was weather: 2 longo: 0. The first round we were camper locked by rain, hail, and thunder for a good couple hours - don't get me wrong it was kinda cool. And the second, from our point of view ambitious , attempt at getting to fish that day...repeated round one and we were rained out again. Defeated and with more exercise behind us (who plans for a day of cardio while on vacation!?) than we wanted that day..we called it a day, took refuge back at the campground where grandma and Oli cooked delicious chili for dinner :)

Day Three. 

New day and we were still as ambitious as day two. So we made sure we got an early start. And because N insisted on taking this picture of me, I promised I'd show at least of myself as "the fishing girl". So here you go, just one.
sexy isn't it.

Nick taking a break with beer + sunflower seeds. Hence the funny face :)

I insisted on a shortcut back to the trail that was really only meant for people 5'5''. I wish I had audio of these two to share with you as they were making their way out. ^

Zombies are real.

Day Four

Best day by far. :] It was my 25th birthday. We hiked again...and fished, again. But the weather was great it was sooo quiet...

...and I showed the boys how it's done with catching a total of 5 fish. It was kind of bad ass :)

Fire clouds in the distance..and grandma and Oli chillin in the shade. Loving life.

 The awkward pose while I was cooling off the dog.

I realized this time around how much I love the Red Feather area. If N fulfills his dreams of becoming a game warden..I don't think I'd make such a bad mountain woman after all. :] 


xo . jess


  1. Go girl! Show them boys how to fish ;)
    This looks so lovely and relaxing!!! & happy birthday lady =)

    1. Thank you Morgan!! They were a little stunned I think, but a little proud too..they were my teachers ;)

  2. Oli is SO STINKIN CUUUTE! And, Girl, you really know how to ROCK those waders! We'll be seeing them on the runway next fall! (o;

  3. Love your pics!! Sounds like you had a great birthday :)

  4. this trip looks like SO much fun! and Oli is quite the handsome pup!