Saturday, May 05, 2012

trains & large backpacks.

One of my favorite ways to kill time, is to run random errands with N. And a few days ago, it was time for exactly that. N's car has been in and out of the shop which very conveniently requires two people to get a car there and back...and so we found ourselves walking around and exploring Jax, at 8:24am, killing time while the car was getting worked on some more. 
Jax even has its own train. Super neato. 

Then N found just the right sized backpack for himself. 

Thank you for an entertaining window shopping morning, Jax :P

I hope you are all enjoying a marvelous weekend! It was nice to get a chance to spend the morning with a familiar old, coffee + blog combo. :) It's so nice outside..the perfect running weather that I can't resist before I head to work for the afternoon/evening. 

p.s. - if you haven't discovered Greek yogurt, do it now. I could eat this Vanilla Honey by The Greek Gods Eros Greek Yogurt by the tub. yum!

Happy Saturday!
xo . jess

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  1. i love that backpack picture.

    and i love greek yogurt too! i like putting the "greek god's" strawberry & honey greek yogurt in my smoothies. SO GOOD. :)