Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hazy day and a fishing trip.

It was a pretty close to perfect Memorial Day weekend. I know that's pretty cheesy to say. But when I had to go to work yesterday morning I couldn't really feel bad for having to work the holiday (not only because work = time and a half :P ) but because the weekend was soo great it felt as if I had 4 days off instead of just two. Plus..in only 3, I get to start my camping birthday weekend and I am sooo excited!

But let me not get ahead of myself .. because I'm hoping I'll get a chance tomorrow afternoon..to repeat my very relaxing, very hotsummerafternoon activity from Saturday, which was being lazy with a book by the pool. We spent the morning double teaming a serious cleaning session on the apartment, made some pb&j's and snagged ourselves a pair of loungers. 

It was heaven.


Sneaking up on a little quad of baby geese on the walk home :] they were soo cute <3

Mommy goose giving me the stink eye. Alright alright, I'm going. 

Later that day, Dad visited us for an overnight stay as we were planning on an early trip to Red Feather Lakes the next morning, for our first fishing trip of the season. We picked up our shiny new annual passes and went for wings for dinner. Where we proceeded to over do it a little on the wings + beer, plus we ate anxiously and cringing because the UFC fights were the main event and every where we looked were bending knees and bloody faces and I'm sorry...those nasty swellings those people get on their ears from that fighting...*gag* (scuse me...) how does anyone watch that for fun!??

Despite the cringing - it was a great evening :) we were just so excited for Sunday!


Escaping to the mountains for a day, beautiful Red Feather's, and Uncle's Pizza. No words needed. No better combination for a Sunday if you ask me.

Happy Tuesday everyone. 


xo . jess

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  1. Look at you, littlemissfishergirl! That pic of Nick and his Dad is awesome (o;