Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a bike ride.

N and I have started a list of things to do this summer. To help keep ourselves accountable I've created a page to help us stay on track and entertained this summer :) Dates, places, and activities are all included on this list and the other day we took advantage of the amazing pre summer weather, dusted off our stillinneedofmaintenance road bikes, and rode them up the street for lunch.


We ate at Fuzzy's Tacos - a delicious place for baja tacos and neat little place to enjoy lunch in the sun. Although I got to enjoy a day off today, work has been busy and will finish itself off with a little bang as I got invited to a meeting Friday. Then it's hellooo weekend. Maybe with a repeat of this deliciousness.

The afternoon was too nice, not to sip on a little spiked something. 


N thought it was thumbs up and food showing.


I look forward to the weekend and hope it brings some relaxed pool time, more bike riding, and for sure some fishing :) Last minute plans with a friend who was coming to visit fell through, so my father in law is coming up for a lazy Sunday + fishing combo.

Don't laugh..I am well aware my bike still needs some lovin' - :P my seat is too short and I only almost killed myself 3 times because the back break is hardly connected - but it's all good. We just wanted to enjoy the day we said screw it. :) it was fantastic.


xo . jess


  1. Ooh that looks good! I think 'Mexican style' is our family fave - NOT covered in gooey cheese & sauce, but just light and fresh and yummy like that! I love your pink bike. One of our 'bucket list' things is to get bikes for us (and fix the tire on Cody's) and go for family rides along the Springwater Trail that starts here in Gresham. Have a FUN weekend! xoxox

  2. dein bike is soooo süß!!!