Monday, May 07, 2012

blue monday.

Iit was not a good day. not necessarily bad, but the clopen shift left me exhausted. so I wasted a few hours shopping for my next wardrobe pieces, to match my mood. 

2 things I can't get over - (electric) blue and 3/4 sleeve sweaters. 

I might have discovered sleeveless blouses. 

Every girl must own a crisp polka dot button down to go with her electric blue skinnies. 

I must have those red boyfriend shorts. (and no, I'm not at all still obsessed with colorblocking, reason why I couldn't resist sneaking in some more color.)

These are jessicalongo shorts, if I ever saw a pair. 

I have a feeling I will live out this summer in denim shorts. 

coompleetlely, obsessed, with cotton casual shift dresses like this. + I must own those sandals. 

xo . jess

1 comment:

  1. i love those little black shorts. i think i look sort of terrible in shorts though...