Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day.

it was quite the crazy week at work and recapping mother's day 6 days late is making me ask myself - Where did this week go? Then I walk myself through the week remembering I had a presentation thing at work Monday leading right into preparing for a big visit the following day, moving the last of our things from Denver up to foco, aaaaand starting my 6 day work streak. 

Thaaat's where the week went. 

And because N was in Denver overnight and we're gonna miss each other when I go to work later, I caught up on my sleep and lazyass me time last night, and it was fantastic. Put brand new sheets on my bed, made myself dinner and lazied in bed watching Beauty & the Beast. Greatest Friday night to date.

Oli and I were champs and slept the morning away until a little after 9. And since it was still raining (thank heavens!) he topped it off with some breakfast and a nap and I am still sipping on my coffee, successfully caught up on my modern family episodes and am catching you lucky peoples, up on some things.

If you're wondering why I'm sneaking in all these celebratory pics of a bunch of adorable 14 year old soccer boys, don't worry - it's just a proud big sister sharing her little brother's 2nd place at a soccer tournament. It was our brightandearly (9am game) mother's day kick off, but very worth it. 


After returning to N's moms house for a nap and a shower (since it was only 11 am by the time the tournament was done) we started preparing for a little afternoon mother's day brunch. 

I got my very own cooking lesson from my italian mama. On the menu: homemade spaghetti sauce. End result: to die for! Then we reunited these two weddingdaypartners. less than two years ago Ty barely reached up to Julie's shoulder. He's growing into a seriously handsome little guy :)It was huggy day, with delicious food, not enough pictures, and lots of sunshine. 

xo . jess

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