Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fire, Italians, and Baseball.

N was home when I come home from a super shit close at work. And now I'm even fitting in time to share with you the lost Wednesday from this week. --> In my last post I told you I spent my Wed moving neglected furniture/crap from Denver..when really, N + I had the day off, we cleaned off and tried off our bikes for the first time this season, aaaand went to a Rockies' game.

My apologies for the unintended lie. If anyone finds my mind....
So here I am to tell you how I really spent my Wednesday.

Which was smokey. And pretty scary. And really saddening, because we have had a large wildfire burning out of control since Tuesday. And during our bike ride/luncheon we took the above picture - the rising smoke cloud was yellow and pink with flames for about 15-20 minutes until the wind picked it up and smoke was literally rolling into town as we sat outside had lunch and rode our bikes home after.

After our bike ride we turned around and hit the road to meet N's family for a Rockies' game and I took these going south on I25 right outside of Fort Collins. Follow the storm cloud all the way to the left end of the picture..and in that direction is where we came from. It was nuts!

It's raining smoke and ash in Fort Collins.

Approximately 50 miles the Coors Field stadium with our amazing seats thanks to Grandpaa.

With Grandpaa and uncletony :) 

Yours truly.

And the coolest cousin that we are soo sad to see goo! But we all grow up and go our ways :]

iiiiiek :] I kinda loved my hair. I'm thinking a favorite hair do for hot summer days, for sure. 

thanx for the skittles and ice tea max :) we're gonna miss you. Rockies' win!

xo . jess


  1. Pretty amazing pics, Jess. Hope all is well and everyone is safe and the fire is out! <3<3<3

  2. sad and scary about the fires. glad you guys are safe. first trip to ft. collins last weekend & i think it's beautiful.