Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sunshine, snow + Nutella drizzle.

Although I was very happy to have today off, it was a bittersweet teaser since I have to go back tomorrow until Friday before I get to enjoy the weekend like the rest of the lucky weekenders :) In the meantime, either the weather or work got to me a little yesterday with chills + a fever and so I didn't plan much for this free Tuesday. 

And so.. trotz chills and a crummy tummy when I got home from work yesterday, we had to get Oli on a walk in the amazing sunshine. Little did we know that we would discover the coolest little park in our backyard. 

Spring time is just around the corner :) 

it's a simple fact: i have the cutest dog in the world. 

I think my running shoes and I are going to have some magical mornings in the near future. 

Foooollow the leeader!

i'm in dire need of new shades. hence the reason i'm sporting these oversized giants :)

i dreaded leaving the couch, but by this point was sooo glad N forced me out the door. 

especially since 12+ hours later ... ... ...

i was back to my down jacket + beanie

don't worry Colorado. we love you for the bipolar weather bitch you are :)

 N surprised me for breakfast and took me to one of our old favorite breakfast places in Fort Collins called The Farmerstable. greatest breakfast food ever!

My kind of Farmerstable :) Italian Bread French Toast with fresh Strawberries, Nutella drizzle, whipped cream + almonds. you better believe I devoured all of that. It was divine!!
thanks for following along my little picture show :) i've found myself very picture happy lately. even more so than usual! hope you all enjoy a good rest of the week! 

xo . jess


  1. I love The Farmer's Table...my friends and I used to go there at the ass crack of dawn during finals week before our 7 am finals. I still think about those mornings whenever I eat there. :-)

  2. How come I have never heard of this place? 4 years up there, and y'all never took me :-(

    1. I was busy making you bomb french toast mr patrol ;) but ok, next time we'll take you.

  3. such pretty pretty photos! i think that "bipolar weather" is the best way i've ever heard it described here. you know one of my best friends here is from ft. collins and i've still never ever been there? i know it isn't far... i should do it this spring. weekend trip up north!

  4. You are so dang pretty. And your dog is adddorrrabbble :)

    1. thank you pretty lady :) he would looove you! he loves attention, especially from girls :P