Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy birthday bruderherz.

Monday celebrated my little brother's 14th birthday! It was a pretty big shock to come home to my mom's house and find this giant, teenager man, towering over my sister as he hugged her hello and pats her on the head. :-) We used to stick the poor guy in our tutus when he was still in diapers and gel his hair into moahawks, ..it's not okay for him to be this big already! :) I had hoped to get a few pictures from this night, since it's so rare for my family to get together for dinner, but I had too much fun yelling, laughing, and screaming with my siblings - I have my mom to thank for these few shots of the big birthday boy

tyler + tyler. the biggest friends and even bigger dorks :P

sparkly smile.

make a wish. 
and then hair.tuesday came and went. 
as much as I was looking forward to get to tutorial some braiding today, after we killed the morning with breakfast + coffee on the couch we jetted out the door and spent the afternoon running errands around town. N finally got a new phone! he's been having anger management issues with his last one, yet was still refusing to purchase a new one. today I finally got him into a store and he hasn't stopped gushing about his new toy since we left. 

- however - to prove to you I really meant to share some 'dos with you today here are my pathetic attempts at getting some shot of my hair. it was day 3 for me today and I kept it simple by french braiding the left side of my hair. 

then the dear Colorado sun was making it really difficult to keep my eyes open for a good shot :)

look at this. i even attempted to get a quick shot in the car. i promise you - next week, no shinanigans. 
it was a pretty cute easy 'do that i might just have to bring back ;) very girly and springy. 

xo. jess 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I miss him and all you guys so much! Waaaaaaah! )-: