Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jersey meets Fort Collins saturday

This weekend I was visited by my dear friend Nat :) who I met a few years ago working at f21 and have had the pleasure of calling my friend ever since. It was her first time visiting Fort Collins so of course N + and put on our tour guide hats and got busy. Follow me as I recap for you, my 


1. We had to start our tour on CSU's beautiful campus. The Oval is the prettiest place in Fort Collins <3 

2. Introduced this little girl from Jersey to the deliciousness that is Noodles + Co
3. And on to O'Dell's Brewery we went :-]
4. Where damage was done. 

5. Jordan. Our friend + coolest tour guide. 

6. Who could get enough of this town. 
7. N made a new friend :)
8. ♥ 
9. Our guest decided it was time to waste away the afternoon swinging on swings. 

9. I had to peak into the Cupboard in Old Town to snag some of this :))) 
10. Wobbly beautiful Fort Collins' sunset. 

I thank my love for coming up and spending the weekend with me and N. It was sooo great to have her and explore town together! As sad I am to say goodbye weekend, I get to round it out with a N + Jess couch session watching Walking Dead and look forward to celebrating my little brother's 14th birthday tomorrow night! Here's wishing you all a great Monday! Make sure to stop by Tuuuuueesday ;) ;) ;) 

xo . jess


  1. mmmmm, Ritter Sport! Everytime I pick one of those up from The Cupboard, I'm instantly transported back to Germany and Austria. :-) (I ate soooo many of those in my 10 days there).