Tuesday, February 07, 2012

cleaning habits.

I can't deny that I'm fairly quickly getting a hand on this domestic thing. Cleaning, cooking, and obsessing over the never ending decor + organizational possibilities, have all recently become past times of mine. My cleaning obsessions have taken it to a bit of a new level, but it always leaves me wondering how I get so messy in such a short time period?? Anyway, my innocent 2-3 hour cleaning rages have turned into myentireSaturdayoff cleaning frenzies. But it's all good. This is more a confession than a complaint. :P My sister's voice always echoes in my head, when I realize several hours of cleaning have gone by and I'm reorganizing our storage closet for the third time since we've moved in, "Gawd jesska, quit cleaning everything!". 

So it happens that I found myself on such a Saturday this past weekend, on the floor in my bathroom organizing my side of the cupboard, which holds of course, 15 times the health & beauty products than N's side. Once I took a look at the recent state of my make up bag I couldn't bare to zip it back up without deciding to give it a good clean. 

This is serious stuff ladies. I have seen some seriously scary looking make up bags and this is me slapping you in the back of the head. Nothing wrong with giving yourself 20 minutes tops on a lazy day to give your daily make up tools a quick bath. :-) don't make me use the "think of the germs" line on you. 

First off, I realize there are plenty of cleaners you can buy for this kind of stuff, but I keep it simple, repeat at least once a month, and my make up + wallet stay happy. 

how to: clean your make-up kit
1. Collect your needed utensils - Towels, paper towels, 2 jars of water ( 1 hot + 1 cold ), Johnson's baby shampoo, and of course your make up bag  

2. Start with your brushes as they will take the longest to dry.

 3. Squirt a little of baby shampoo in the hot water jar ( large mason jars are perfect for this) and give your brushes a good scrub.

 4. Rinse + sometimes repeat. :-)

5. Pat your brushes dry with a paper towel, squeezing out the excess water. 

6. Lay out your brushes to dry - *depending on the thickness and type of brush they could take up to 24 hours to dry. Plan accordingly ladies :) 

7. Empty out the rest of your eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, etc..take a damp paper towel and give them all a little scrub. Most importantly, don't forget to take your actual bag and dump + scrub out all that gooeyness :-) Lay everything out on towels to air dry. 

8. And if you haven't already noticed in previous shots :-) your face will thank you!!!

good habits, ladies :-) good habits. 
xo . jess 

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