Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hair.Tuesday on Wednesday

happy valentine's day !!!

whether you are a hater, a celebrater, or like me - a mutual person to the infamous holiday of l.o.v.e. I hope you had a great Tuesday. I was a very proud girl walking home after I kicked my own butt at the gym for a good two hours, all before 10am. Which made me feel zero guilt when I devoured [almost] the entire box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates N gave me all afternoon. He had one! 

For dinner I drove to my dear mama's house to visit her and my brother - whom I hadn't seen since before Christmas! :-} the kid has braces and has now finally passed me in height. big kid. 

So besides a little Vday celebration - it was just a normal Tuesday for me. A very much longed for, normal Tuesday :) 

Volume 12: loose curls + side part

what you need:
+ (any level) of curly hair. I tried this same 'do the day before with freshly washed/air dried curl - took me all of 3 minutes and had a chic but messy look to it. below you'll see my cleaned up version with day 2 hair 
+ large size curling stick or 1 inch curling iron
+ your choice of hair product. I recommend either a curling spritz, hairspray, or a light weight conditioner to make your curls extra soft
+ Bobby pin 

what you do: 
1. I gave my day 2 hair a good comb through - I can't do knots. I parted my hair only once and curled 1 inch sections at a time. Rule of thumb is always the thicker the chunk of hair, the softer the curl. Therefore, if you desire curlier cues, make your sections smaller and keep wrapped around curling stick longer. 

2. Tousle your curls and apply your choice of hair product. If your choice is hairspray, you might want to hold off, we still have to arrange our part :) Where ever your hair is parted, pull 1 1/2 inch section, starting from above the end of your eye brow, across your head, until you're lined up with the end of the opposite eye brow. Secure with bobby pin. 

3. Arrange and tousle curls and yes it is now safe to apply your desired amount of hairspray :) 

(thank you to my loove, Jana for my new favorite h&m shirt :) it was very fitting for Vday, I thought)
Voilaa! easy breezy hair do!

xo . jess 

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  1. die bluse steht dir sooo gut!und deine haare sehen sooo toll aus!!!love you