Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kaffeklatsch Sunday

This is the first edition of my new Sunday series Kaffeklatsch Sundays!
With this series, which I hope to have every Sunday or at least every other Sunday (input welcome), us ladies get to just get something off our chest as fast or complex as we need to. Most Sunday's I'll provide a theme, but if you feel that what you need to vent or just bitch about is really important, let me know and we will frame it around you!!

Therefore, it's Sunday. Hope you ladies have your coffee ready, snuggled up in your pj's, robe, and slippers are have your fingers at the ready! :) It's Kaffeklatsch time!

This week's theme is I hate.... I know some say hate is a strong word and I agree, it is. However, on my home today I was venting to N about this and that and you have to agree with me that venting just feels so good! Who doesn't need that 10 minutes just to completely shut off our filter and have at it! Well..this morning..I must do just that. 

I Hate...

...oversized pitty parties Everyone needs a little pitty sometimes but I cannot stand when people continually and constantly complain about the smallest, silliest, melodramatic thing(s)!!! And if it's the plural case it's even worse!! Get over it! I just want to say "Why don't you walk a mile in my shoes for a day, while I continue smiling and nodding at you even though I want to pop you on the head". 

...lame radio With as much as I commute, I have the fortune of listening to the radio almost 3 hours out of the day. And with that come to same pop, R&B, alternative songs bumpin outta the radio all. day. long. It's awful!! I know most of you have ipod plug ins or fancy XM radio..but I just don't. I still have all my cd's (which is not an impressive collection) and actually I don't even have an ipod or itunes on my computer for that matter!! I'm a Pandora and just YouTubin' that shit. 

Ye know. I had more. But I like the short and sweet 2 moan & groan brothers. So we're going to leave it at that. 

Please join in for the first edition of Kaffeklatsch Sunday and linky up here. Can't wait to hear about your vents and 2cents people!

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