Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Beautiful World of Thrifting

So we all know I recently discovered thrifting thanks to my, maybe a little inappropriate blog post about my first time. Thrifting I mean - sorry :) I'm in a rebellious mood today. I've been cussing up a storm all day! My co-worker S and I decided that it's just the Gemini in me. The naughty side wants to come out today and why shouldn't she? :) Keep it interesting. 

Anyway - I have realized that I am definitely not the only individual who is simply in love with blogging! No sir! I know you've all been patiently waiting for my images of my wins to the thrift store and even though I can't wait to show them to you, I have to put a little disclaimer on it and remind you that I was forced to take the images with my phone, because we STILL do not have internet (2 more days - I don't know how I will last) and so I couldn't take them with my beautiful baby - so they're kind of crappy. But bear with me, k? 
- :) thx

Before I start with the pictures I feel obligated to tell you guys exactly where I went, because everyone and their mom has been asking and I have no been able to give them any exact info so here goes: 

8657 Sheridan Blvd
Arvada, CO 80003-1439
(303) 487-8800 

Alright I won't keep you waiting any longer. 

I pretty much ran down the aisle when I saw this vintage camera case. It needs a little TLC of course, some polish and the inside needs a bit of patchwork, but when I brought this handsome case home to meet my beautiful Nikon, it was love at first sight. I'm expecting babies very soon. :P 
(I make the best worst jokes - I know).

When I first put on this adorable totally no name candy apple red blazer my mother looked at me like I was crazy. But then I wouldn't take it off and was just walking through the store with it that by the time it was ready for check out I had convinced her of it's awesomeness. 
Just needs a little delicate cycle and removal of the shoulder pads (they're just TOO big) and it'll be amazing :) (Yes - I'll post pictures when I wear it!)
Put me out $4.00

 And last but not least - it's a dream of mine to own a real Chanel bag that looks similar to this one, one day. But I fell in love with this one. It's a dark blue with a perfect gold chain and believe it or not it holds quite a bit for such a cute small purse. 
 A whopping $2.50
Sorry again for the shitty pictures. As soon as I get back to my moms I will post pictures of my two whicker chairs that she's "remodeling" for me - oh yea - they were a whole $1.25 for each chair!!! :) Don't worry I'll post before and after pictures :)


  1. I love love love that last bag! So cute. Awesome finds.

  2. How cute is that quilted bag?? Unbelievable price!!!! Good work!

  3. uiiii is das schöööön!der blazer und die taschen <3