Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hello Thrifting World

Not that I was ever against it. I just had never done it. And I don't feel awkward to say that today my mom took my v-card of thrifting. 

It was the most amazing thing of my life. I found SUCH good stuff, for less than $10. EVERYTHING!! I cannot wait to post pictures!! But you have to be patient with me one more day. I'm so fucking exhausted and tomorrow's my bday (!!!!) but I still have to I am still forced to use the little business center in my apartment complex and so uploading pictures to this strange computer is a little odd - but I'll do it just for you, because some of the stuff I scored is simply AMAZING!! :) 

No really trust me. 
All I have to say is 
vintage blazer
wicker chairs
and vintage camera case

I'm telling you. 
I came in the middle of that store. 
I want to go back asap. 


  1. glad i turned you on to the fun of thrifting!!! LOL :D

  2. Where did you go thrifting? I really want to get into thrifting, but I don't think Fort Collins has the best shops. lol. Can't wait to see your finds!

  3. You have just started on a lifetime of fun, adventure and frugality! Can't wait to see your pics. Wicker chairs under ten bucks? Woo hoo!

  4. How fun! I need to do that at some point, too!

  5. Hmmmmm. I've always been scared to, but maybe I should give it a try... is your mom available?

  6. I went thrifting for the first time Saturday and LOVED IT! I got three suit jackets for cute!