Sunday, December 06, 2009

What's in a grade?

So..I'm having a fairly blue day..mostly because as life will have it sometimes, all stressful things are coming together at once and creating quite a chaos in my life. And, for you girls out there, I'm having one of those days where you just cry for no reason. You're just driving along (as I was to work this morning) and you just cry hysterically? For no reason at all, except for the reason that you feel as if life has it out for you and everything in your life seems negative and unfair? Yep. That was me. Driving to work today..having one of those moments.
When I finally wiped off all the tears with my crap mittens that don't keep the warmth in at all..I started to focus my thoughts on school. I'm in my last few weeks and due to senioritis and a complete lack of caring my grades have suffered quite a bit this semester. I was never a straight A student. Honestly, I was always a C student, but in the classes that I cared about, like those I will need for teaching/my major I've always gotten A's in. Except for all the fluff. Well that fluff still adds to your GPA and at the end of the day my question is - how much does GPA really count?
While I was trying to calm myself down I reflected back on all the semesters of college I've survived and I started to notice a pattern. Every semester something big happened that affected my life immensely and therefore reflected in my school work. Either someone passed away, someone got seriously ill, I was so broke I ate a can of corn for dinner, or I was working a full time job and doing school full time. Something was always up. And I understand there are stronger souls out there that deal with this kind of stuff everyday, but I'm just done with working my hardest, regardless of what has happened in my life and never saying "Good job Jessica. You did your best". So what I got two C's, one A, and a sister got diagnosed with a brain disease for crying out loud. Life comes first and school always last. Just because we aren't sitting in school learning the definition of some new big word doesn't mean we're not learning. From all the classes I've taken I know I've learned things that I will remember forever and have improved my education, even if I only got a C or even a D in the class. I know so many friends that ace every exam, every class, every quiz and don't remember squat.

So to reflect back to me personally. I'm worried about my grades. But should I really be? I know in my heart I will be a great teacher. I love doing it I know I will. What grade do I get for that?

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  1. Hey love - sorry to hear you had a blue day, that definitely happens to me, too! As for school, your GPA rarely matters as much as it seems like it should! What matters more is your devotion to your cause and as for getting jobs, your personality will speak more than your grades ever could :)