Saturday, December 05, 2009

First Boudoir Shoot

So my sister in law and I were in the mall yesterday and she was shopping for some fun lingerie to wear when she goes to see her boyfriend in WA over Christmas. He is in serving in the Navy and so she wants to have a memorable trip :). So please don't take this weird - c'mon it's the 21st century, but she ends up picking out this really cute outfit (not the slutty kind) and we get to talking and long story short we decide that she is going to pose some of her new stuff for me in an elegant, sexy, classy shoot. She then can turn the pictures into a memorable "sexy book" for her guy.

I have been wanting to add a "boudoir" session to my portfolio and am so excited to finally have gotten a chance to! :) I think the pictures turned out great! Thank you Julie for being my guinea pig - you look hot! :)


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