Friday, December 11, 2009

Life in 360 degree

I hope you are having a great Friday and are looking forward to your weekend! I actually had a great day at work even though my shift got extended and extra three hours. However, I can't complain because lord knows Nick and I need the money so I should keep my mouth shut even if I got extended ten hours :) Nevertheless I had a blast at work today. And as I was leaving in the freezing cold I just had to stop and let myself be amazed at the fact that even though life can be so messy, chaotic, rotten, unfair, and so so sooo unpredictable, the good days don't go away completely. They always come back.. and today one came back to me.
On Monday of this week my life turned itself completely upside down. Not only did I have a horrible pregnancy scare (sorry if a little TMI) but I also found out that I was not going to be student teaching just yet in the spring. So after sitting in my advisor's office crying for an hour (so embarrassing!) and then crying some more with relief to find out I wasn't pregnant (on a side note - it would never be a bad thing, but I cringe at the thought of feeding/supporting an innocent infant when Nick and I can't even do that for ourselves) I spent the entire afternoon unmovable on the couch letting the world crash around me a little bit.
Now..4 days later on Friday I feel as if I can breathe again. Contrary to my inability to make decisions I feel as if I have somewhat successfully made the right next move in my life - nothing. Since Monday, when I laid backwards in our bed with pillows covering my entire body, my life has fallen back into place all on its own. Not entirely, and of course not completely to my liking, simply because I think I haven't gotten over the shock of its complete 180 degree turn around, but every day I wake up with less weight on my shoulders, and small blessings keep falling into my lap that I can't help but hold on to them as tight as I can. Even if it is a good day at work. Call me desperate - but it's exactly what I need in my life. A day at work surrounded by supportive, hilarious, beautiful & smart women that make a 7 hour work day feel like Sunday brunch.

Without letting this post get entirely too long (if you haven't already stopped reading) I hope you have a lovely day - count those blessings not matter how big or small :)

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