Thursday, December 10, 2009

Emma Watson

Good Evening
I have spent the entire day doing nothing and it was absolutely wonderful. I came home from my teaching practicum at RMHS pulled on some sweats and collapsed on my bed. I opened my computer and goofed around on Facebook for awhile while listening to my beloved New Moon soundtrack. :) It was so nice to spend the entire day sleeping off and on, not thinking about a test, a paper, or anything that has been stressful.

So while I've spent my entire day blogging :) facebooking and editing more of my photography. And while surfing the internet on top of that for one of my dearest heroines - Emma Watson I just can't help sharing how much I would love to dress like her and maybe have a little bit of her build :) I just had to share how freaking adorable this young woman is. I admire her not just for her work but for her genuine personality and all around wonderful young actress. So here are some photos to prove to you just how cute this little Brit :)

These are the cutests outfits..the one on the right here is so freaking cute.

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