Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday with the Family

It's Saturday a little after noon..Nick and I spent the morning driving down with the new rescued puppy we saved for my little brother for Christmas. He is so excited! He's been ignoring all of us all morning and just playing running around the house with her. :) It's so cute and I am so happy he loves her so much immediately.

After this week I am so relaxed and excited to be here with my family. A mother's hug - no matter how old can make mountains of stress on your melt away instantly. And the smell of her "german breakfasts" when you walk around the corner to the front of the house is so familiar and lovely :)

I am so happy today! I just had to hold on to this moment (another blessing for sure!) and share it so that I don't forget about it :)

Happy Saturday!

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