Monday, June 03, 2013

The Monday After a Summer Weekend

Although my sleeping routines [of tossing and turning in bed once Nick is off to work at 3:30am and waking in a zombie state promptly at 6:00am] is becoming a bit annoying and unavoidable - I'm going to write it off this morning to this weekend's fun filled festivities and sunshine!! 

 Nicholas and I went to Denver to stay the weekend at his mom's to celebrate our technically little brother Adam's hs graduation party! Phew that was a long weekend title! But it was an absolute blast and it was finally Colorado summer warm, the whole Italiano family got together and I was reminded how loving, crazy, and entertaining they are. 

[ After Friday's fancy inspirations I knew I had to wear my new Lucky shorts (thanks Mom!) with a simply black + white combo. I was having too much fun to snap a better outfit picture, but I completed the shorts + tank with simple black two strap sandals (what else do I wear?) Next time I can't forget to ad a belt, like I did this weekend imo. check out these other black + white outfit creations by these fashionable ladies

these guys, having too much fun. including Oliver .. :) happy as a clam!



Happy Graduation Adam! 

On Sunday morning Nick and I were just a tad groggy and let his Maam cook her delicious eggs for breakfast. Once we got back into town just before noon, a spurt of energy hit us and we decided to take care of a couple more to-do's on our list to jazz up our patio. 


We headed into old town and ended up wandering around Ace Hardware and the rest of downtown for a couple of hours. We found a great gift for a special someone coming up and my husband took me out for a sandwich and ice cream. Just like the rest of the weekend, it was a perfect afternoon so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.



Tomorrow is my birthday and as hard as I'm trying to be excited about it because I absofreakinglutely love birthdays and cakes and love filled cards, the fact is I am fighting it with my whole body to be here. Not that I can do anything to stop it. I know I'm a little unhappy with "timing" in my life at the moment and a birthday that pushes me just a little past the quarter life mark is not really welcomed. That naive 19yo is nagging "I expected a little more from you by now". But my very content and positive self is reassuring "I don't want my life's timeline to reflect 'everybody else's'. Then it wouldn't be 'my life'." And the fact that I feel literally at a stand still today with minimum productivity I've decided to just close my eyes, let the day come and go and cook myself and Nicholas my favorite dinner. And when I decide what that will be I'm sure I'll let you know. 

For now I'm going to say goodbye to this great weekend, accept the fact that it is somehow June 2013, and  do something about my coffee cup that is still next to my keyboard. Happy Monday. 


  1. I'll bring dessert. ;-)

  2. It will be delivered at approximately 1330.