Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bedtime Routines

I love sleeping. I'm sure it must be very difficult to comprehend. But it's fantastic. Right?! Although I'm not much of a napper, when I am ready for sleep it's like a light switch. I can be on the couch, in the car, at a friend's house...when it's time for Jessica to go to sleep, nothing will stop me. And recently I've come 'out of the dark side' and switched back to my morning-person self. At first it was due to work schedules but body feels that 5:30/6:00 am is go time; running, blogging, cleaning, watching the depressing news (ok - Boy Meets World),...are all among my favorite morning activities.

But back to sleeping. The zzzzz's - they're wonderful. However not always as easy to come by as we'd like, especially if we have these things called schedules, families, friends, jobs, school, errands, bills, deadlines, blah blah grossness...  :) not the family+friends part obviously. ... actually .. haha yeah the family + friends part goes in there too. We all love each other but if we're honest... c'mon.

But with these things on our mind it can be difficult to relax and unplug and let ourselves get the sleep we deserve and need. I've dabbed in all kinds of trouble with sleeping and have collected a few tricks and routines that help me unwind, relax and slumber soundly at the end of the day. When it's time to flip the light switch.

1. Liquid soothing

I have a soft spot for tea and before I found my love (and need) for coffee I drank it several times a day. The Sleepytime tea is one of my favorites and a frequent part of my bedtime routine. 

Another sleepytime drink that I swear by is the SLEEP by Neuro. A function drink that mixes melatonin with magnesium to help you sleep. This stuff knocks me out and I know from family and friends who've tried it that it certainly does its duty.  

2. Bedtime Yoga 

I have recently become a fan of this and haven't been able to stop just for the sake of getting in a small yoga routine on a daily basis. I found an easy routine here, welcome to any level of yoga skill on Pinterest (where else!). Nick and I have a mattress that needs serious replacing, so I can't say it's done much for my back soreness, but adding some of my favorite slow tunes music, some candles and turning off all the lights in the room and this routine helps me let go of all the day's and life's disasters, relaxes my mind, and perfectly prepares me to to curl up in bed and call it a day (if I don't fall asleep in savasana). 

3. Read a book, magazine - or your News Feed if you have to 

Just don't end your night drooling in front of the TV. I am still one of the worst offenders of this (hence I have this list) but it makes such a difference to turn of the box, brush your teeth, and climb into bed (with your steaming hot sleepytime tea) and allowing yourself at least 30 minutes for down time. 

But control yourself and try to avoid this: 

that goes for reading too :)

There are a lot of ways to help you unwind at night and find some z's. Having trouble sleeping, insomnia or night anxiety can have a serious impact on your daily life, immune system, and overall happiness. Remember that even 30 minutes can make a difference and doesn't take too much commitment. Sleep soundly and thank yourself later. 

What are some ways that help you sleep at night? Share the z's

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