Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Backyard is Pretty Great

If you head north on hwy 287 and make a left to a little place called Red Feathers, in a little less than an hour you can be surrounded by gorgeous rolling mountains, cool mountain air, and a huge outdoor playground. We have been coming here since we stumbled upon this area in college with friends and have brought several family members and friends up here to camp.

This weekend we were joined by Nick's dad, his sister + her boyfriend. We hiked, fished, and hung out lazily in the sunshine. It was the first weekend in all of our times up there that we had two days with no clouds in the sky almost all day. The coolest thing that in the late afternoon of our first day we sat and watched huge thunderstorms roll past us only to find out when we got home the following day that they had brought golf ball sized hail into town. We sat and enjoyed a weather lightning show from the time we started dinner well into the late evening settled around the campfire.


 I drove up early Friday to claim us a spot and headed out for a solo hike with Oli after setting up camp. It was so peaceful and quiet (when I wasn't playing my tunes ;)) to spend some time alone, take in the views and the sounds of the tress. It was exactly what I needed to level myself after some trying weeks.

The one thing I love most about Nick is how he's taught me to see the beauty in the simple things and that happiness with life comes from within. Nothing reminds me more of that than a weekend with family, my dog, and perfectly clear night skies. I couldn't remember the last time I sat and stargazed. 



My week is filled with daily things, chores, a couple shots of reality, and lots of loads of laundry. And packing for this weekend's trip :) When your backyard is the Rocky Mountains, life can be simply wonderful. 

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