Monday, June 10, 2013

So Much Love, so Much Baby

What a crazy amazing weekend! One of those that flies by so quickly you don't stop to realize how great it is  until you plop down on your couch at the end of the day feeling content, satisfied, and loved. Especially loved. 

Nick and I spent the weekend apart at different family events and talked each other's ears off for most of the evening about how much fun our weekends were. Summertime is being good to us and I am lovin every minute.

On Friday my dear Mamacita came to Fort Collins for an overnight visit and a night at Taste of Fort Collins! I was so excited to finally dust off my bike seat for the summer, especially since I was so proud of myself for fixing the flat tire on both mine and Nick's bikes...buuut I was left to ride the ride of shame back to my apartment 5 minutes after my mom and I ventured out on the bikes as the tire I had changed previously, was once again flat. whaaa whaaaa :/ I was right to doubt my handy man skills. But thankfully my mom can talk her hysterical sensitive daughter down from any mini melt down (it had been a veeery long day) and 10 minutes later I was in my mom's car and back to pick her up, throw the bike in the car and we were once again - on our way to the Taste! :P The rest of the night was awesome - complete with a sensational waffle from the Waffle Lab food truck (smoked Norwegian salmon over creme cheese on a waffle - aaaahmazing!) and a grass concert listening to Churchill. And I had my mommy all to myself? Yeah that's a pretty great Friday night.

 Today we celebrated the baby shower of my sister and her husband. Baby Luca, my first nephew (!) is due to arrive towards the end of the month. He's kiiind of a big baby and my sister an itty bitty thing, so the due date is going to be pretty much up to him. Making an entrance already, just like his mom :) 

It was the first time I was part of planning an event like this and what a ride! Planning, executing and making sure mommy-to-be is happy takes some awesome ladies (such as ourselves..a few pictures down) and we rocked it. The day was filled with so much love and excitement - dear Luca we cannot wait to meet you! 

Happy Monday!



  2. I would also like to add...OH MY GOSH TYLER!!!

    1. Isn't it unbelievable?? He's only a few inches away from Nick! But his unmistakable teenage attitude is pretty unbelievable too ;) haha man I don't miss being 15...
      We wished so badly that you guys could have been there with us! MISSED YOU XO