Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrating September.

No denying September came with quite the celebrations one after another, mix in sleeping most of all my days off to catch up on lack there of, combined with a non stop work schedule, it's safe to say September through all of my routines and control of balance out the window. But it's been good actually. At the same time I've enjoyed this change of pace, and September has really become a month of family and friends! I forgot how little you can manage to see your friends when you're slacking at life. I feel sometimes if I'm not tweeting my days away or checking Facebook every day and night you quickly feel as though you end up living under a rock.

However, with my mom's 50th birthday celebration, our friends' wedding this past weekend and our upcoming family trip (woohoo!) this weekend, it's been refreshing to actually see your friends vs texting and calling for weeks on end, laughing and spending time with family and friends and especially catching up with those you've not seen in months or even years.

So here I am to catch you up and share with you pictures of the fantastic first couple weeks of September. Stop by again tomorrow for Hair Too(s)day and I might even have a thrifting treasure post ready mid-week before I say goodbye work week Thursday afternoon, load up the car and head to the mountains! Hollaaa. :)

suzy's 50th.
my fabulous mom & friend

more besties ♥

the big sister I never had :)

rockin' out at the 9th door.

my stinkin' adorable sister and silly Amy.

happy birthday mom!

smile ladies! 

aawkward picture. 

(thnk you J for letting me borrow that adorable top!)

mitch & ang's wedding.

these two have known and loved each other since the 3rd grade. :) 

oh schatz. ♥

the greatest friend on earth :)

I dare say we look pretty darn good lady. 

show us the kissy face Steve. 

high school trio.


Like I said. A month of celebrations! :) Happy Monday to you guys. Hope your fall is starting out just as wonderful. 

xo . jess


  1. Her wedding dress is awesome. I want to wear it... I love all of those ruffles.

  2. That's what I thought the whole night!!! She could not have picked a more fabulous dress for her adorable petite frame.