Monday, January 25, 2010

New Year - New Hair

I am sorry to inform the crazy amounts of individuals that actually take the time to read my blog :) and the most interesting rants I have rolling in my head from time to time, but I have not given any more thought to the topic I discussed in my last blog. Well..I have..but definitely none worth sharing. If I would even be able to actually put those bits and pieces into words at the moment.
Maybe tomorrow :)

So anyway..on my mini road trip up to Fort Collins tonight to see my love :-) I kept getting caugh off guard by the strange dark haired woman in my rear view mirror :P alright that was cheesy and I know I look 17..but I love getting a totally different hair cut. It sort of revamped and refueled my motivation and hopes for making this year different in more ways than just a hair cut.

So far I love my new job. Not that I foresee it being any other wise..that I might hate it. I really do enjoy it a lot. It's so incredibly refreshing to have a change of pace, even if that pace is three times as fast and crazy as before, and to be around new people. Nevertheless, tomorrow will be my first day off in 5 days and I cannot wait to spend my entire day curled up on the couch (with occasional errands..maybe the gym in between) and watch terrible tv all day :-)! And bore you guys to death with my ever interesting blogs :)

Oh yes..and a couple pictures of my new do :)

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