Friday, May 20, 2011

it's friday pumpkinnn.

and lauren's playin her blanks! go here to play too. 

1. People always tell me I look like...the latest brunette starlet. Honestly, I've heard a lot. I used to get Britney Spears and Katie Holmes. Lately,ever since I took my hair back to its dark dark brown roots again, I've gotten Vanessa Hudgens, and Mila Kunis. When I was a teen I was in loove with Katie so I think she's by far been my favorite look-a-like, but hell-ya-i-love-you for thinking I look like Mila Kunis :P Although I have to secretly admit my current hair inspiration is ms hudgens so that people think I look like her might just mean I'm pulling it off :P

2. Friends don't let friends go. 

3. A sunny day is perfect for driving to the mountains with N. 

4. My favorite accessory is my Nikon.

5. If I could afford it I would go on vacation every 2-3 months. 

6. The cure for boredom is calling my sister Dina. :) Always a fool proof move. 

7. I'm currently "in like" with running this song on repeat on my iTunes. my youTube. my phone. my car. all the same to me ;) 

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  1. i definitely wish i could go on vacay every few months. i love mila kunis. those are not bad people to look like :) i also love the photo you used here.